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10800 Normandale Boulevard, Suite 103M | Bloomington, MN 55437
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10800 Normandale Boulevard, Suite 103M
Bloomington, MN 55437

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
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10800 Normandale Boulevard, Suite 103M
Bloomington, MN 55437

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
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  • hearing aids and hearing evaluations in Bloomington, MN

                                                                              NO SPECIALS JUST EVERY DAY SAVINGS…COMPARE!

*  TOP OF THE LINE Oticon OPN l Hearing Aids priced under $4,000.00 a pair.  Close to $4,000.00 savings based upon MSRP (Retail). 

*  TOP OF THE LINE Siemen’s Pure 7 Primax Rics under $3,500.00 a pair.  50% savings based upon MSRP (Retail). 

*  TOP OF THE LINE Widex 440 Belong Rics under $$3,500.00 a pair.  50% savings based upon MSRP (Retail)

*  MID RANGE Phonak BR-70 Rechargeable Rics with Charger under $2,500.oo a pair.  50% savings based upon MSRP (Retail).

*  TOP OF THE LINE Unitron T – 800 Pro Rics under $3,300.00 a pair.  Over 50% Savings based upon MSRP (Retail).

*  HearLease Hearing Aid Leasing beginning at $51.00 per month a pair.  End of lease purchase option.

Actual hearing aids starting at $700.00 a pair that are major brands, not Internet no name listening devices.

“Every day saving up to 50% off manufacture’s retail Pricing!”

We carry Oticon, Phonak, Rexton, Siemens, Starkey, Sonic, Unitron, and Widex brands.

Consistantly the Twin Cities lowest cost hearing aid provider! Offering the complete product lines of all 8 of the largest hearing aid manufacturer’s

As a senior citizen owner of Budget Hearing Centers, I started the company with the sole intent of providing seniors with the opportunity to purchase major hearing aid brands at affordable prices. This was after years of working for large well known hearing aid groups that mandated charging high prices. Over time I finally decided enough was enough! Thus Budget Hearing was born. Born without gimmicks, cheap specials or bait and switch advertising. Instead, I envisioned Budget Hearing Centers offering nothing but the latest technology all the time. In order to accomplish my vision a new approach had to be created that hadn’t been tried. A new type of practice that merged the discount warehouse pricing philosophy with the sophistication of a clinical practice. In other words the best of both worlds, i.e., low prices and the privacy of a full blown hearing practice. To do this, during 2015 Budget Hearing Centers moved from Waconia to Bloomington and the new concept was launched. Everything fell into place quite rapidly. After the first twelve months ended 98 new pairs of hearing aids had been prescribed to patients from all over the Twin Cities and even greater Minnesota. It was a thrill! When all was said and done, patients saved on average $1,900.00 below manufacturer’s retail prices. (See Testimonials Above)

Having purchased all new state-of-the-art Audiology equipment, patients have continually remarked at how thorough and accurate our hearing and speech testing is. Patients also appreciate having their earwax removed during appointments and also our capability to repair multi-brand hearing aids. From the beginning it was very important to me that the atmosphere was laid back but professional. Patient appointments are not rushed in one-half an hour time frames and most certainly there is no pressure to buy. I have been told many times that our fact based no pressure approach is unlike most of the other Twin Cities dealers and clinics and it is respected.

I hope I haven’t bored you to much with these details. All in all my Mission is to simply “Deliver the Difference” to my patients. In part by saving each patient unnecessary expense for ironically the same identical hearing aids that are offered else ware, and paramount to help make each hearing impaired person’s life better through advanced technology.  Thank you and I hope to be able to see you soon!

Best Wishes, Paul A. Thulin, Owner/Hearing Practitioner

    • Hearing Aids, Pre-Hearing Test Consultation and Educational Videos

    • Hearing Aid Testing with Comprehensive Results

    • Programming, Fitting, and Hearing Aid Maintenance

    • Earwax Removal via Irrigation and Suction

    • Hearing Aid Repair of All Brands and Models

    • Hearing Aid and Hearing Healthcare Accessories

    • Discounted Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

    • Budget Hearing Centers is a State Provider under the Minnesota Medical Assistance Program.
We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and long term financing through Wells Fargo, Care Credit and AllWell.
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